The Monster in the Bubble


It’s only Day 2 of my must-blog-for-31-days-straight thing. (I need a real name for this) and I’ve already hit a snag in my plans. I had a post all planned out to coincide with yesterday’s post and it was all going to ebb and flow so well. UGHH. But the show must go on!

I read a new book today, The Monster in the Bubble by Andi Green. It’s a children’s book that I completely fell in love with. Squeek is no ordinary monster – he’s pink and terribly afraid of life outside of his bubble. He dreams of what life could be, all of the wonderful possibilities but his fears keep him locked inside the bubble. I know, this sounds really heavy for a kiddie book but Green keeps it light and child friendly with not only his simple sentences but beautiful illustrations that make the book a gift for children and adults of all ages.

It’s a delightful reminder to take the plunge,

Til tomorrow!