The One With the Fairy Tales


Settling on something is tough. I’m not talking about things like choosing a mate, where to go college or between Pepsi and Coke. Nothing life changing.  I’m talking about small things – like choosing the name of your blog and not having a mild stroke over it. I’ve changed it six times today and I can’t imagine ever having to decide on the title of a book. (All but one of my children’s stories are untitled.)

So far, I like The One With the Fairy Tales. So far. From the beginning of my blogging adventure, I’d decided that anything I wrote would have to begin with “The One With.” See, my first TV love was Friends and most, if not all of its episode titles begin with those three words. I watch the show daily, and ALWAYS travel with DVD copies too. I feel this connection to it every time I go to write a post.

And why Fairy Tales? To be honest, I wanted to just say Tales but can you imagine telling someone your blog is The One With All the Tales – and getting weird looks because people will think you blog about TAILS. I would have to say, “The One With All the Tales as in T-A-L-E-S, like fairy tales, get it?” and that would get exhausting. Besides, who doesn’t love fairy tales? There are various, long-winded definitions of what a fairy tale is  but most agree on the fact that these tales are magical and imaginative. And I think that’s a great description for the stories on paper, onscreen and on the stage.

No Longer Waiting For Tomorrow


Sunday, December 1st is nearly over. And today was the day that I promised myself that I would blog, blog DAILY. You see, yesterday, November 30, for most people was the day to recover from Thanksgiving dinner and brutal Black Friday shopping but for me, yesterday was the reminder that NaNoWriMo was over and I had missed the 50,000 word goal by 49,750  words. My Twitter timeline was filled with congratulatory tweets of those who had finished and some that had surpassed the goal.(90,000+ words?! You deserve a medal!) Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy for my fellow writers. How did November go by so fast?! My first day, I sat down and wrote 250 words, rewarded myself with an episode of The Big Bang Theory and then fell asleep. I’d make up the rest tomorrow. But tomorrow came and went. And this went on and on so much so that I had started to sound like I was auditioning for Annie. I really could use a Daddy Warbucks but I digress. It was the middle of the month and making up 25,000 words in one day was overwhelming. I’d catch up on Scandal instead and write something, anything…just later. (Sidebar – that show is fabulous)  I was too tired, too busy, unmotivated annnnnnd you get it, nothing ever materialized. So on November 30, I said December will be my month and I started to write. But how would I keep the momentum going for 31 whole days?!, I wondered (I should’ve started this writing-everyday thing in February.) Well, I found my answer in a tweet! It’s a godsend but that reveal will have to wait until, lest I say it again… tomorrow. Alas, here I am, not writing a novel but writing anyway. And in under the deadline! Barely.