These Are A Few of My Favorite Things Part 1


So this past Friday, you know, Black Friday, I went shopping. Book shopping of course! I stepped into Barnes & Noble and while I’m ever so happy to see hoards of people buying books, shopping alongside of them is what I imagine hell to be like. I was in and out of the store within 20 minutes. (That’s a new record.) Before I left, I found the single greatest thing at the cash register. Gift card holders in the shape of books! It’s probably not new, but hey, it’s new for me and made my day.

I picked up one for myself. Don’t judge.



I found this neat clock in a magazine, snapped a shot of it and have no idea where it’s sold.


These shelves have been around for a while and yet, I still don’t own them! (I’m afraid that after I buy them, I’ll find a way to convince myself to buy some more books even though my bookcase is completely full of unread books)


I went searching through Buzz Feed’s many lists and found this bookmark treasure. Instead of a house, you can drop a book on the witch!


Last but not least, for when that ending leaves you weeping. I own a variation of this tissue box; this one’s sleeker.


What bookish gifts do you recommend?