Tuesday’s Tots: My Top Children’s Books… Part Deux



The fun continues with Part Deux of my favorite children’s books


A Porcupine Named Fluffy by Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger fluffy

This is actually my mother’s favorite children’s book. She’d laugh hysterically whenever she read it. See, there’s this porcupine and his parents can’t decide on a name for their prickly child and somehow, possibly not knowing the definition of the word Fluffy, see fit to name their newborn just that. Fluffy. Fluffy, seemingly possessing vast knowledge of words and meanings or maybe he just knows what Fluffy means, has this existential crisis when his image does not match his name. (Are you not laughing yet?!) Fluffy makes an unlikely friend in a happy rhino. The illustrations are HILARIOUS. And this book has the mom-reader-of-500-books-over-and-over stamp of approval.

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