Blog Tour: Not What They Were Expecting


Not What They Were Expecting is a thoroughly fun read. I simply love witty and sarcastic characters – James and Rebecca’s comments and asides were very entertaining. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the story of a “normal” couple expecting their first child but the Winfields are anything but. They’ve got meddling in-laws – standard fare, you’d say? Not so much. The two couples are such polar opposites, that it’s almost unbelievable that their children would end up as mates. I do wish they had spent more time together. The family bonding was all too great. James’ reaction to listening to a natural but possibly-inappropriate-for-after-dinner conversation was by far, my favorite scene in the book.

And those all so important supporting characters – James and Rebecca are certainly likeable and well written characters but I must say that my two favorites are the happily tact-free midwife and Rebecca’s unlikely confidante.

I give Not What They Were Expecting 4.5 stars


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