Book Review: Alchemy


Title: Alchemy (Prophecy Breakers)

Authors: Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse and Sabrina West

Genre: YA Parnormal Romance


We didn’t know how much we had to lose until we were infected with magic. Sam was in love, Juliette was the main caretaker for her siblings, and Ana and her dad planned the best parties in New York. But we lost it all when we were shipped to Chebeague, an exclusive school for newly infected mages.

Everyone knows about the mages, those who survive the infection and end up with magical abilities. We’ve seen the power of magic, the high-paying jobs, and the world fame. But we never saw the cost. We didn’t know we’d be forced to give up everything: sanity, family, even the right to talk on the phone.

We didn’t know mage was just another word for prisoner.

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About the Authors

Sabrina West, Sheena Boekweg and Melanie Crouse never dreamed they would actually create a book worth publishing when they started writing together. Alchemy was merely supposed to be an exercise in flexibility. And it has been that, but it is so much more. Friendships that span the American continent have been forged, and unforgettable characters have been created.

Writing this first book in the Prophecy Breakers was a fun-filled adventure, and we hope that reading it is just as fun for you.

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My Review:
What would life be like if you were suddenly and violently uprooted from your home and held captive on an otherworldly campus? We learn about life at Chebeague Academy, school for mages, through the journals of three teens, Ana, Juliette and Sam. Though life as a Mage is hardly relatable (I only have the magical power of procrastination), these three characters certainly are. There’s the ladies man, angry girl, lonely guy (Sebastian) and one who has yet to find her way. But they are so much more than that. We watch their loneliness and anger blossom into great friendship. Sure, there are some love triangles, but they don’t take center stage here and gratefully so; there’s something so beautiful about their protective nature over one another.

Since in Chebeague, they have no contact with the outside world, no internet usage (the horror!). It’s refreshing, albeit frustrating, to see modern characters not rely on that, even if it would fix their situation. They have to rely on their special abilities and each other to gain control of their lives.

While at Cheabeague, the four learn of their special powers and the trouble that comes with controlling it and their emotions. A school is not a school without its share of bullies, and The Elite take on that role. Sadly, the students can find little help from the adults on staff and must trust those outside their inner circle to come to their aid.

I hate when I hear someone say, “This book is just like Popular Book X,” because in reality that would be plagiarism and is a bit unfair to the uniqueness and greatness of the book in front of you, even if meant as a compliment. With that in mind, I will say that lovers of The Hunger Games and X-Men and great storytelling in general will love this book. As I did.

5 stars for Alchemy!

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