Book Review: Game On

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Title – Game On: How to be a queen, not a pawn, in a game devised by men
Author – Renee Cleveland
Genre – Self-help / relationships
Publication Date – October 19, 2013
Publisher – Planettopia Publishing LLC
Cover Artist – Beetiful Custom Designs

Game On - Book Cover 11-20-13


While adapting to single mother-hood Renee re-entered the dating arena that was filled with great challenges and crazy excitement. Renee’s first release, Game On, is about her journey through the dating world, discovering the games that men play to try and conquer women. Game On is infused with insights, experiences along with advice that is sure to allow readers to come away with new perspectives. Game On will make you laugh and cry all in the same!

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Game On - Author Photo - 11-20-13


Renee grew up in a small town in Southern Maryland and has lived in various places from coast to coast. She majored in English Literature and Child Psychology while pursuing her higher education. She is a hardworking, passionate single mother of 3 beautiful children whom are her greatest joys in life.


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My Review:
Traditionally, self-help books are a tricky genre for myself. They either come across too preachy, where the author has ALL of the answers to whatever problem you have or they dole out advice that is largely just common sense. Game On falls neatly somewhere in the middle of this. Cleveland mixes advice with short, amusing personal narratives. She also draws upon other text that has been written about the subject, taking care not to cast those aside as the wrong way to do things; Cleveland simply adds to it. I love that she stresses the importance of having friends and not planning a wedding at hello. I laughed aloud when I read that last part. Hilarious, yes but I’ve known so many friends to do just that!

One thing I especially appreciated was the narrative about Motorcycle Man. It isn’t one of her shining moments but serves as a learning experience for the author and her readers.

I give Game On 3.5/5 stars

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