Book Review: A.A. Pencil’s Reunion



C. Moore Catholic High School’s 10-year reunion was organized as many reunions are – to reminisce, to see who had made a success of their lives, and in truth, to gossip on who had not. But this party in the secluded, 1890’s mansion once owned by a long dead, paranoid WWII Veteran, was to become anything but typical.

After a horrible accident within the mansion, the alumni realize they are locked in and fighting for their lives. Instantly, tempers rise and fingers are pointed as the number of living alumni begins to rapidly decrease. Theories range from there being a murderer in the midst to the mansion possibly being haunted by the previous owner’s ghost.

Who or what is responsible and will anyone make it out alive?

Find out for yourself in this combination of a mystery and psychological thriller, with a twisted ending!

About the author:


A. A. Pencil works part time as a school nurse at an all-boys Catholic school in New York City. As a Lupus survivor, she uses writing as a significant part of her therapy and you will see influences from classical writers such as Agatha Christie and Edgar Alan Poe in her work. When not working or writing, she enjoys cooking, shopping and walking. She has sponsored a child in Mexico for over three years with a children’s organization. She currently lives in a borough of New York City with her extended family who are her greatest supporters.



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To celebrate the release of AA Pencil’s debut novel “The Reunion” – During the months of November & December – 1% of the gross sales of all novels with Lavish Publishing, LLC will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. The donation will be made in May 2014 in honor of AA Pencil and National Lupus Awareness Month.

My review:
Ever imagine what it’d be like to get back together with your old schoolmates? Does it involve lots of backstabbing, murder and mayhem? Gosh, I hope not! That’s what books are for. Namely, A.A. Pencil’s Reunion. I was drawn to this book as the synopsis reminded me of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, one of my favorite books. Put a bunch of people in a room and have them start dropping like flies and you’ve got my attention! In Reunion there are all types. There’s the evil queen bee, class clown, awkward girl, jock, not-so-gracious hostess and the list goes on. Put them in a house together and everything goes awry. Old, nasty secrets are released in the form of a game, prompting a few to leave. There are MANY characters; so much so, that I admit, it was a bit difficult to remember who was who and their connection amongst other characters. Much of the beginning is spent on introducing the reader to the characters, their shared past and what they’ve recently been up to so Reunion starts out a bit slow but picks up right when everyone is ready to settle into bed. Two former schoolmates are dead and since the “party” started with a bevy of terrible secrets, no one is without suspicion. When the action starts, Christie’s influence is evident on Pencil’s writing and here is where she shines. I give Reunion 4/5 stars.

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