The One With the Fairy Tales

Settling on something is tough. I’m not talking about things like choosing a mate, where to go college or between Pepsi and Coke. Nothing life changing.  I’m talking about small things – like choosing the name of your blog and not having a mild stroke over it. I’ve changed it six times today and I can’t imagine ever having to decide on the title of a book. (All but one of my children’s stories are untitled.)

So far, I like The One With the Fairy Tales. So far. From the beginning of my blogging adventure, I’d decided that anything I wrote would have to begin with “The One With.” See, my first TV love was Friends and most, if not all of its episode titles begin with those three words. I watch the show daily, and ALWAYS travel with DVD copies too. I feel this connection to it every time I go to write a post.

And why Fairy Tales? To be honest, I wanted to just say Tales but can you imagine telling someone your blog is The One With All the Tales – and getting weird looks because people will think you blog about TAILS. I would have to say, “The One With All the Tales as in T-A-L-E-S, like fairy tales, get it?” and that would get exhausting. Besides, who doesn’t love fairy tales? There are various, long-winded definitions of what a fairy tale is  but most agree on the fact that these tales are magical and imaginative. And I think that’s a great description for the stories on paper, onscreen and on the stage.

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